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5 Reasons You Need to Try Our Service

We Scrape and Analyze GitHub Profiles

Do your software engineer recruiters know about the { is_hireable } parameter hidden in the Github API? If the answer is no…well…that is barely beginning to describe our process. We employ sophisticated tools and techniques to scrape and analyze GitHub profiles. By doing so, we gain insights into a candidate’s technical skills, coding style, collaborative projects, and contributions to the programming community. This practice enables us to assess the technical proficiency of potential candidates beyond their resume.

We Build High Performing Engineering Teams

Our software engineering recruiters are 10+ year industry software engineers who build high performing engineering teams.  Do you really want your engineer’s valuable time being spent on becoming part time recruiters? When dealing with the sheer volume of remote applicants, this often becomes the case. That’s why we have designed unique recruiting systems that bring the outliers straight to you. Our processes result in happier candidates, happier clients, and longer candidate tenure.

Outlier Detection

We leverage the power of data analytics to build robust recruiting systems. Our systems process a high volume of candidates, narrowing down the pool based on specific ‘high-signal’ indicators relevant to your search. This could range from proficiency in a particular coding language to networking and system architecture mastery. By detecting outliers – those who exceed the norm – we’re able to identify uniquely qualified and talented individuals who could be a great fit for your company.

Access to the Best Talent

As software engineers, we have built an extensive network of outliers in the tech industry. This network allows us to find and recruit individuals with the precise skills and experience you need, including those who are not actively job searching but may be open to compelling opportunities. We proactively engage with active learners and vibrant tech communities – such as online learning platforms, coding boot camps, hackathons, and tech meetups. By targeting spaces like these, we connect with motivated individuals who are continually refining their skills and staying ahead of tech trends.

It’s Free to Try

We believe in the quality of our services and the value we provide. That’s why we operate on a contingent model, meaning we only get compensated when we successfully fill your software engineering positions. From the initial consultation, through the sourcing, vetting, and interviewing process, all the way to the offer stage – we bear the burden of the costs. Our ultimate goal is to find the perfect match for your organization, and we’re confident in our ability to do so.

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“We hired James and Sarah as entry level developers, but they hit the ground running. I was surprised by their knowledge of networking and system architecture – By the end of week 1 they were contributing to core product design decisions. “

Jose R.


“They weren’t joking when they said they know the best of the best! They really did help us hire rock stars who helped our company build out an extremely solid foundation for our products.”

Hannah S.

SWE Manager

Leverage Our Marketing Funnels

We implement candidate marketing channels and platforms so you don’t have to. We go where software engineering professionals are likely to spend their time, provide expertise, and actively learn. Here’s a breakdown of some of our sources:

LinkedIn, Indeed, Other Job Boards
Stack Overflow Jobs
Online Technical Forums
Professional Development Workshops
Reddit, Twitter Targeted Ads
Tech Conferences
Facebook Groups
Google Ads
Slack, Telegram, etc. Channels

Tech Blogs
Job Fairs
Co-Working Spaces
Slack Communities
Podcast Sponsorships
Local Newspapers and Magazines
Tech Incubators and Accelerators
Mailing Lists
Webinars and Online Courses
Targeted Adverts Near Tech Hubs